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Meet Toby, a junior anthropology and sociology major at RWU. As of 2021, Toby is one of the Co-Team leaders of the CPC marketing team. As one of the team leaders Toby manages the team, and assigns projects as well as writing blog posts, visiting community partners and does social media analytics. In his free time, toby enjoys reading, and he one day hopes to travel to London and Greece.

Toby Pydych

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Meet Jamie Goldman, a sophomore, graphic design student from Illinois! Jamie joined the CPC marketing team in fall 2021. As a member of the marketing team Jamie writes blog posts, participates in team events,   and helps designs promotional materials. Learn more about Jamie by reading her meet the team blog post!



Meet Averi, a junior marketing major at RWU. Averi is a co-team leader of the CPC marketing team. Averi helps run team meetings, manages the team, and assigns projects. She also writes blog posts, meets with community partners, and designs promotional materials.  In her free time, she likes hanging out with friends, and studying at Starbucks! 

Averi Preston 

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Meet Jack, a senior graphic design major from New York. Jack joined the CPC marketing team in the fall of 2021! Jacks roles on the marketing team include writing blog posts,  designing promotional materials, participating in team events, and working on collaborative projects. In his free time, Jack enjoys hiking and traveling!


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Meet Kenzie, a Senior Creative writing major at Roger Williams University  She is from Fall River, MA, and a member of the Marketing Team a the CPC. Kenzies tasks include writing blog posts, going on site visits and assisting with design efforts. She has a passion for music and has been playing the flute for nearly ten years. She one day hopes to  explore Australia.

Kenzie Rose

Meet Tris a junior at RWU! Tris joined the CPC marketing team in the fall of 2021. Tris's roles at the CPC include writing blog posts and constructing the community engagement website during the merger of the CPC and the Feinstein Center to form  Community Engagement at RWU.

Tris comizio

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