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Alumni Corner: Joel Rosa

Today we would like to highlight one of our most hardworking and inspiring alumni: Joel Rosa! Joel graduated in 2017, and we decided to reach out to him to reflect on his time with the Community Partnerships Center (CPC)

What was your life like at RWU?

Life at RWU was a bit hard but in a good way. I studied architecture requiring more hours from me than a full-time job. I learned quickly to be a master in my time management while studying architecture. It was a challenge juggling school, work, friends, and intramural sports. I am now an incredibly organized man because of RWU and I am grateful for the lessons I have learned.

What community-engaged/CPC projects did you do while you were at RWU?

The project I worked on while at the CPC was an accessible beach path proposal for the Bristol Parks and Recreation Department. In this project, I was able to work closely with the client to bring to life the vision he had imagined. In my proposed design, I wanted to capture the view of the beach where anyone who is handicapped would have accessibility to the water. This project taught me the difficulties others face who do not have it as easy, due to being in a wheelchair. On the bright side, learning to think about accessibility for every project is something that I carried forward to my professional career.

What was your favorite memory at the CPC?

My favorite memory at the CPC was definitely all of the holiday parties. It was always a joyous time spending it with friends, laughing, and eating delicious food. The best parties were the Halloween parties that we dressed up and laughed at each other’s funny costumes.

What do you do now professionally?

I am a Design Coordinator at Cube 3 in Lawrence, MA. I have had the privilege to work on a variety of residential projects with over 300+ units.

What would you say to a student considering getting involved in the CPC?

If anyone is considering getting involved with the CPC, please look no further! The best part of the CPC is being able to apply your degree in a real-world environment. This helps you to further enhance your professional skills. For instance, I got a chance to interact with several clients which helped prepare me for my current profession since I now speak to numerous important clients on a weekly basis. And not only did I get valuable skills from my time at the CPC, but the family-oriented atmosphere is second to none. Everyone continuously looks out for each other, sharing the same interest in helping each other advance in their future career.

What is your biggest takeaway from the CPC?

My biggest takeaway from the CPC is, I wish I could have started working at the CPC during my freshman year rather than starting my senior year. It was an experience where not only did I get to do real projects instead of a school project, but I was able to work closely with clients which is crucial in developing communication skills. The CPC was a place where I learned valuable lessons that to this day carry over to my professional career.

Thank you for all your hard work Joel! We here at the CPC wish you the best of luck with all future endeavors.

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1 Comment

Nov 19, 2019

Nice story and excellent example of a successful RWU alum!

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