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RWU and Riverzedge

(Picture Credit: Riverzedge Art)

RWU and Riverzedge’s History

Roger Williams University (RWU) first started working with Riverzedge in 2014 by collecting data through a survey that they created in class for the students at Riverzedge to take. The initial survey the RWU marketing team built in 2015, was to help the staff at Riverzedge understand the impact their programs are having on the youth. Over the years, the marketing team has continued to revise the survey to make it more concise and user-friendly. Gaining the results from these surveys helps Riverzedge decide what is working and what needs to be changed. Kelly Harlow Interim co-director of Riverzedge Arts gave us her opinions of working with the CPC, “The staff and students at RWU that we’ve worked and communicated with are eager, passionate and helpful to our organization” (Kelly Harlow).

Riverzedge Goals for the Partnership

As the partnership between Roger Williams and Riverzedge continues, here are some goals Riverzedge hopes the surveys can accomplish:

“First, to have a survey youth can take, year to year that helps show growth in a few different skill sets such as 21st Century skills, workforce readiness, leadership development, and social-emotional skills” (Kelly Harlow).

“Secondly, these surveys are helpful to use when applying for grants, to use for reporting on already existing grants, and marketing to funders and donors” (Kelly Harlow).

Riverzedge Staff (Picture Credit: Riverzedge Art)

“...lastly, they help us to analyze how effective our programs are if they fit with our mission and goals, and where we can improve them” (Kelly Harlow).

The RWU marketing team continues to assist Riverzedge accomplish all of their goals. To learn more about the relationship between Riverzedge and RWU check out some of our past blog posts, or visit the Riverzedge Website!

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