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Meet the Marketing Team

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Here, the Marketing Team is at their weekly meeting where they discuss updates, questions, and brainstorm.

The marketing team at the Community Partnership Center helps to spread awareness of the CPC throughout campus and the community. We are comprised of Social Media Coordinators, Events Assistants, Marketing Assistants, Photographers/Videographers and Creative Content Specialists. Our main job is to document the amazing community engagement done by CPC classes and our own design and research team. Together, we work as a team in order to share and promote everything the CPC does.

The Social Media Coordinators, Morgan Pannesco and Madeline Cariglia, post photos, share stories as well as videos and promote various events, projects and partners across several social media platforms.

Our events assistants, Hanae Wada, Alaina Knowles and Sarah Coleman, share our message by planning our set up and strategy at Accepted Students Days, Open Houses, Table Times around campus and a variety of other community engagement events.

We have a few Marketing Assistants, Adam Kelly and Karissa Chandler, who handle several projects inside the CPC, and work with other teams to complete various activities. They also do a great job at helping wherever they can with both big-picture and side projects.

We also have a Photographer, Kerry Clark, who attends several CPC related presentations, site visits and events in order to capture content for social media and blog posts.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Creative Content Specialist, Emma Perry. Emma oversees anything that might involve writing in terms of marketing. She proof reads several blog posts and is currently working on items such as an external brochure. As you can see, we have many talented people on our team!

Sarah Caron and Alaina Knowles hard at work planning some exciting events to interact with RWU students.

This year our marketing team leaders are Kyrie McCormick and Sarah Caron. Kyrie is a junior at Roger Williams University pursuing a major in Public Relations and a double minor in Marketing and Political Science. Sarah is a junior at Roger Williams, who studies Business Management and Marketing as well as Graphic Design. Together, they help to create goals that coincide with the work their team does, as well as coordinate tasks for the team. The Marketing Team’s main goal this semester is to build out the CPC brand and expand our mission to every student on campus.

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