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Meet the Team: Madeline Cariglia

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Madeline Cariglia, a sophomore at Roger Williams University, is studying communications and creative writing; however, not only is she a published author - having written

a fantasy fiction novel called Thunderstruck (find it here) - she also fills the role of Social Media Assistant for the Community Partnership Center. As the Social Media Assistant, Cariglia has access to all of the CPC’s social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as helping out with this blog. She is one of the three members that oversees what content is worth posting and what content is not. It is very important to Cariglia to strategically plan when content is being posted, as they hope to reach as many individuals as possible, and to raise awareness about what the CPC does and how others can get involved.

In addition to using social media as a tool to spread awareness, Cariglia also helps out with the branding and marketing process of the CPC. “One of the best projects I’ve helped out with was creating the penguin stickers,” said Cariglia. The Penguin is the official mascot of the CPC, modeled after Penelope and Preston the office “pets,” and Cariglia, along with other members, created a small penguin logo to help spread awareness of the CPC as well as an Instagram for the penguins themselves (Follow them @prestonandpenelope). In the future, they hope to create different penguin stickers, specific to special events, that they can hand out to students who are in attendance. Already they’ve got a special edition for the incoming freshmen at Accepted Students days.

One thing many members of the CPC, including Cariglia, feel strongly about, is that the CPC is not widely recognized on campus – something they hope to one day change. Cariglia found herself at the CPC after she began looking for a work study position over the summer, that offered a fun and comfortable work environment.“I get to be very independent but also work in a team environment,” said Cariglia. “The CPC has opened my eyes to community engagement, and I hope to continue to work here for the rest of my time here at Roger Williams.”

(original article by Jennifer Plamondon, modified for the blog by Emma Perry)

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