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CPC Projects: Stay Tuned!

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Here at the CPC, we not only work to connect both students and faculty with projects based in real world experience, we also undertake projects of our own!

Over the course of each semester, students on our Design and Research Team work to provide quality products -- which are dependent on the type of project they decide to undertake. Then, they split up into smaller teams where each student staff member works to provide quality content for their community partners; as well as, build meaningful, lasting connections to the business world around them.

From studies to planning, our staff covers it all!

Keep an eye out this semester for a variety of interesting projects undertaken by our staff on the Design and Research team!

Some of their projects include; designing a rooftop green space for kids at the Highlander Charter School, helping the Fall River Public Library create a sustainable family bathroom in the children’s area and so many more!

Here at the CPC we try our best to make a difference in the community. By partnering some of our own staff, we strive to achieve that goal while maintaining a healthy connection with the community around us here at Roger Williams.

Stay tuned as we give you the inside scoop on the amazing projects undertaken by CPC staff and students here at Roger Williams University!

written by: Emma Perry

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