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Student Spotlight: Averi Preston

Averi Preston is a second-year marketing major student from Essex, Vermont, and she’s been with the CPC since the fall of 2019. As a member of the Marketing and Publications team, Averi’s responsibilities include writing blog posts, conducting interviews, planning/running promotional events, and performing administrative tasks.

Listing one of her most crucial responsibilities, she emphasizes the importance of “getting more students on campus informed about what the CPC does.” Recently, Averi has been busy designing brand new promotional material for the organization and running a campaign in upper commons that includes exciting giveaways. She’s also been extra diligent at taking inventory of the CPC room in the Farmhouse.

Averi says that the upper commons campaign has been her favorite project thus far since she’s been able to have more interactions with students on campus as an ambassador for the organization. In pondering the importance of community engaged work, Averi believes, “ it is very important for students, especially if it is based on their intended major because it allows them to get a real feel for what they will be doing after graduating. Community engaged work through the CPC is even better because it supports local organizations.”

When inquired to list some of her hobbies, Averi says she likes to watch movies, explore, and read while drinking iced coffee outside on warm days. She likes country music and has recently been enjoying the crime thriller, Hannibal. Averi’s fondest travel memory is her school trip to Belize, and she wants to travel many more places when she gets the opportunity. Averi says that she’s developed a lot of interpersonal skills working for the CPC. “It’s made me better at talking to people about a cause,” she says.

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