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Student Spotlight: Emma Perry

Emma Perry is a senior forensic science major from Burlington, Vermont set to graduate this year on a biology tract. As one of the most committed members of the CPC, she’s been working with the farmhouse crew for 4 years and is currently employed as the team leader of the Marketing and Publications branch of the CPC, coordinating with community partners, running social media posts, and directing the work of other students within the Marketing and Publications Team. Using her skills to connect with people of all backgrounds, she’s been gathering data for the East Bay Chamber of Commerce to help increase foot traffic for events in the downtown area as well as calling student attention to the Chamber as a valuable resource for internships and financial aid.

Completed Bristol Maritime Center

When asked about her favorite community project that she’s worked on, she remembers helping out with a video about the story behind the involvement of the CPC’s work with the Bristol Maritime Center. As Emma recalls, “A group of CPC students years previously had helped draw plans to convert the old marine armory building downtown into the center we now see today. It was amazing to learn about, and it still amazes me to know that there is actual physical proof of our work in the downtown area.” Emma believes that community-engaged work is important at RWU because it gives students a practical hands-on style of learning in addition to allowing them the opportunity to build their resumes. As she prepares to graduate, Emma hopes that the CPC will strive by continuing to do the work that it's been doing for more than a decade. She exclaims, “I think students benefit so much from the program and our work, and I want to see future students have the same opportunities we have had.”

Written by: Benjamin Donaldson

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