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Student Spotlight: Jack Mahoney

“It has been so much fun learning about the industry… and be able to have a real world impact”

Jack Mahoney is a senior graphic design student from Brewster, New York. Jack is a new member of the Community Partnerships Center marketing team this Fall 2021 semester! Not only is he working with the CPC in terms of Graphic Design work on posters, infographics, flyers, etc., but he is also involved in one of the CPC courses on campus as well. Jack is currently enrolled in a Citizen Design course that is partnered with Epona Safe Haven. This course is working with Safe Haven to develop a new digital marketing campaign; “it has been so much fun learning about the industry (although it is sad what the animals endure), and be able to have a real world impact while getting credits.” Jack is getting a full view of what the CPC does, working with the CPC and representing RWU through the CPC, as well as his direct work in a course partnered experience.

Although Jack has only been with the CPC for a short time, he is enthusiastic about our work with local nonprofits in the community. He has also helped his community out in a lot of ways back home. Through the community service work he did during his senior year of high school Jack helped out a local farm with the replanting of their vegetables. He believes that community engaged work is both “humbling and helpful” as it reminds us “of how good we have it” and enables us to use our resources to help others.

When asked about how his time at the CPC has helped him so far in his career, Jack stated, “I am becoming better at working with a team as well as thinking about designing to attract people to our cause. I do a lot of creative freelance work so having a more professional responsibility is helping me fine tune my skill set.” Jack enjoys the creative side of graphic design as he creates content for YouTube and works on designing thumbnails, but the CPC has also begun to help him apply what he is learning in his classes to a professional setting as he works in the graphic design field.

Did you know that Jack loves hiking and exploring trails? He has also traveled to Europe and visited the “insanely beautiful” Killarney, Ireland. One day, he hopes to visit Peru and explore Machu Picchu. He also wants everyone to know that you should never feel shy if you see him walking around campus as he is always willing to help others and answer anyone’s questions!

When asked about what he hopes to see for the future of Community Engagement at RWU, he said, “I hope that students become more aware of how cool it is! The CPC could be really helpful for those students who have to do internships too, because some of the [nonprofit]s we pair with classes actually end up making those classes count for the internship!”

We are so excited to have Jack as part of our team and can’t wait to see the work he is doing for both his Citizen Designer course and the farmhouse!

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