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Student Spotlight: Madeline Cariglia

Madeline Cariglia is a senior from Princeton, Massachusetts double majoring in communications & media studies and creative writing. As a member of the Marketing and Publications team, she’s been with the CPC since fall 2018 of her sophomore year. Specializing in social media marketing, Madeline’s typical duties entail writing social media posts and uploading them through online platforms. She also monitors social media engagement and followers.

Elaborating on her responsibilities, Madeline explains, “I attend events when possible and take photographs as well as videos to spread the word about what the CPC does. Additionally, I help out with projects when able, whether it is documenting the work that the organization does or simply delivering utilities and snacks that are needed for events.” Recently, Madeline’s been helping out with a publication centered around a feminist advocacy presentation shared by students from RWU with Girls Inc., a youth empowerment program for young girls operating out of Taunton, Massachusetts. The project was taken on by students from cultural studies Professor Laura D’Amore’s Girl Culture class who were tasked with creating multimedia motivational works of female empowerment to present to Girls Inc. for an end-of-the-semester showcase.

A student piece made for the Girls Inc. presentation

Madeline exclaims, “It was a new type of project for me but a lot of fun to explore as I got to hone and utilize some graphic design skills that I felt a bit shaky on beforehand. The project was also very interesting and I even have a few friends who were in the class, so it was great to see their work in its final form and create a way to share it with others who are interested in those kinds of courses.” Other than helping out with the publication for Girls inc., Madeline is finalizing a blog post and social media write-up for Professor Kathy Micken’s CPC associated courses, particularly the marketing research class which she’s been teaching for several semesters now. Madeline has enjoyed breaking away from her mostly social media-based work to write more meticulous bodies of content. When asked about the skills that she’s gained from her work at the CPC, Madeline says she’s learned a great deal about time management, task fulfillment, accountability, and finding interest in subjects that she would otherwise not explore.

“I feel as though I am prepared for the workplace, but also that I was very lucky to work with such great, flexible and fun people over the years here,” Madeline says. As she prepares to graduate, Madeline hopes that more people learn about the CPC, both on and off-campus and that students, professors, staff, and community members alike benefit from all that the organization has to offer. She says, “we focused a lot during my sophomore and junior years on getting the CPC properly branded and understood by students, and I hope that in the future, this goal is achieved. Madeline quips, “at a bare minimum, there will be no more confusion between the CPC and the CCPD!”

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