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Student Spotlight: Makenzie Rose

"They [Students] get to give back to the community in ways they may never have thought of before".


\Makenzie Rose (Kenzie) is a senior creative writing major from Fall River Massachusetts. Kenzie has been working for the Community Partnership Center (CPC) for three years in which she has become a fantastic addition to the team. Outside her time at the CPC, Kenzie practices her love for art through painting. Recently she rediscovered this love for painting and is hoping to expand this artistic expression through music, by playing the flute again. Did you know she played the flute for 10 years? Maybe she gets some of her inspiration from her favorite artists and bands, including Little Mix and Ed Sheeran.

A cool fact about Kenzie is that she is very well traveled! She has traveled to most of the Caribbean, but her favorite island to visit is Bermuda, she states “it’s absolutely beautiful there”. With her favorite movie collection being the Pirates of the Caribbean, it doesn't come as a surprise that the Caribbean is also her most frequented vacation destination. Kenzie is definitely living the vacation dream! Do I hear about a CPC marketing team trip to the Caribbean? Kenzie will have to show us around!

Like many students who have worked for the CPC, the farmhouse has become like a second home for Kenzie. “Not only as it opened my eyes to some amazing organizations that I didn’t even know existed, but it truly has become my home away from home”. Working for the CPC really introduces and engages students into the Bristol community.

When asked about the importance of community engaged work, Kenzie said, “I think community engaged work is tremendously important for students because not only are they able to gain experience in their field of study, but they are helping organizations who are doing fantastic work in the community and they get to say that they were a part of that in some way or another. They get to give back to the community in ways they may never have thought of before.”

While working on the CPC’s marketing team Kenzie has done photography for events and project site visits, written numerous blog posts, and her sophomore year, Kenzie co-ran the social media accounts for the CPC. As a student with a creative writing major and marketing minor, working on the CPC marketing team was the perfect opportunity for Kenzie. She was able to practice her writing skills while writing blog posts, and she applied her marketing minor to a plethora of marketing objectives. Kenzie says “The CPC has unexpectedly helped a lot with my writing skills. While I may not be able to add as much creativity in my writing as I would like, writing blog posts for the CPC has helped me improve my writing from a professional standpoint.” The CPC marketing team, much like CPC classes, was able to provide Kenzie with experience relating to her major and her post graduation career.

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