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The Beginning of Back to Normal

Welcome back Hawks!

We are proud to announce that we are welcoming our Community Partnerships Center (CPC) and Feinstein Center for Service Learning (FSL) back to work both remotely and IN-PERSON at the farmhouse! As Roger Williams University Students return to campus, they are now able to continue work as usual. Students can interact fully-masked in the cozy living room around the fireplace while completing their work study hours!

The new Community Engagement Logo.

Here at the Community Partnerships Center, our main goal is to pair classes on campus with organizations in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island to work on different projects that relate to course work. This gives the students the opportunity to gain experience in their field of study while supporting the community as well. FSL is also responsible for organizing fun events that give back to the community such as our annual turkey basket fundraiser and the inaugural Community Walk Program for Roger Williams University freshmen. This year, the CPC and FSL have joined forces to create Community Engagement at Roger Williams University! Together, we will be providing the same great services as one unit.

Because so much of our work involves students and partners being in contact with each other, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and safety restrictions have made Community Engagement at Roger Williams University re-evaluate our role on campus. We took on new tasks which included promoting the community engagement through on campus campaigns and we found great ways to be involved with community partners using minimal to no contact.

The CPC work study students spent a lot of time during the spring semester interviewing professors who have done projects with us in the past, putting giveaways together to engage with students on campus and increase awareness of the CPC. Students worked closely with Mount Hope High School in Bristol as well! Last semester’s work study

The logo of the Mount Hope Huskies.

students, Emma, Toby, Madeline, and Averi, spent lots of time filming their men’s and women’s soccer games and even creating marketing materials for their fundraisers. Our Design and Research team members, Joseph, Haley, and Jack, worked closely with the Bristol Police Department as well as setting up a couple other projects (stay tuned for more information on those).

While the past year has been challenging, we have managed to push through and are excited to be back in person, helping the community in any way we can while also keeping RWU students and the community safe.

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