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Town of Bristol: Municipal Swimming Pool Feasibility Study

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Here at Roger Williams University, students of the Design and Research Team are provided with amazing opportunities that allow for them to be engaged with the community of Bristol. With the mentorship of Professor Dermody, students of the Design and Research Team have the opportunity to design a project for the Town of Bristol in order to help them conduct a feasibility study for a community pool that would be added to the existing Bristol Community Center. The team includes Daniel Nemec (Project Manager), Elias Christo and Karita Lipdo (Project Assistants, Architecture), Julia Pateman (Project Assistant, Construction Management) and Mo Almadhari (Project Assistant, Engineer).

Inside of the Bristol Parks and Rec Center

The Bristol Community Center offers programs such as, after-school care for children and sports leagues. The center also offers multiple facilities such as, a gymnasium and air hockey and pool tables. When coming up with ideas for a design for this project, students needed to complete initial research of the facility, along with researching the mechanical and maintenance of creating a public pool. The Bristol Recreation Department has been exploring the possibility of a municipal swimming pool for many years. It is anticipated that the CPC project will build on this work to provide a more detailed study that can be used by the town for future design and construction decisions; as well as, maintenance and operating needs for budgeting considerations.

This project will include researching and deciding on feasible locations for the possible addition, as well as creating a construction plan and a cost estimate. So far, students have been conducting research. Their research includes, surveying the site, working on a precedent analysis and researching the best uses and practices for pools and aquatic centers.

Potential site for an aquatic center, outside of the Rec Center

written by: Hanae Wada

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