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Welcome to the CPC!

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Welcome to the Community Partnership Center, or as we like to call it, the CPC! Before we dive into who we are and what we do, we wanted to give you a quick tour – so let’s get started!

Here, in our first picture, we have our main office. The CPC is located in the Farmhouse, the little house directly across from Commons. Though we claim it as our own, we also share the space with both the Study Abroad Office and the Feinstein Center for Community Engagement. We feel so lucky to share such a pretty space!

This second picture is of our front desk – which is the main stopping point for all three offices in the Farmhouse! Currently holding down the fort is Katrina, one of the Study Abroad work-study students. Here you can drop off paperwork, gather information or just stop in to say hi!

Next is our gorgeous living room. The addition was made in the 1850s – which includes a gorgeous trim as well as a nice warm fireplace. This is where all three offices hold meetings; however, it is also a great space for CPC work-study students to get their work done. Not only is it comfy, but the fireplace certainly adds some nice ambiance in the cold winter months!

In the next picture, we see our hallway that extends from the living room and holds the 3 main offices of the CPC. The first office on the left belongs to Mia Viveiros. Mia is the administrative assistant for both the CPC and the Feinstein Center. She deals with things such as timesheets, vans and meetings! The second office on the left is for Angela Medeiros. Angela is our Project Coordinator. Her job is to coordinate projects, work with current partners and going on site and project visits! She also oversees our Publications Team. The very last office belongs to Arnold Robinson, our Associate Dean for Community Engagement. Arnold is always busy, whether he’s attending fundraising events, meeting with Deans or talking at RWU Admission events. He also frequently represents the CPC and community engaged work on and off campus and oversees the Design and Research and Marketing Teams!

Lastly, is our general workspace – which is shared by the Feinstein Center, Study Abroad Office and the CPC! Our large white board allows for us to share updates as well as communicate any event sign-ups, and the table allows for some more collaborative work. As you can see, we are very busy at work back here! The CPC is an active member of the Roger Williams community; whether it’s planning events, finishing projects and/or coordinating classes and site visits. The work we do gets published on our website and shown around the community as well as across campus -- we are very proud!

We hope you enjoyed our quick little tour! Follow our blog for more fun and engaging posts. Catch you on the Flip Side!

written by: Sarah Caron

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