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Partner Spotlight: Providence Police Department

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

“What do you think of when you hear the term, ‘community policing?’” This is the question that Tina Shepard asked Brian Hendrickson’s first-year writing class. Shepard is the Community

Tina Shepard presents the history of the Providence Police Department to Professor Hendrickson’s first-year writing class.

Engagement Specialist for the Providence Police Department. Shepard came to Roger Williams University Tuesday, October 23rd with Major Oscar Perez and Captain Dean Isabella to talk to students about the Providence Department, and to discuss the project that they need help with.

Ms. Shepard asked this class for a specific favor, to transform their lengthy web page into an informative site that captured the spirit and success of community policing.

She explained how community policing has been changing districts all over Rhode Island. This method includes improving positive police visibility, problem-solving in the community in order to reduce crime and improving the lives of citizens in the surrounding area. Instead of just focusing on arrests and reactive methods, community policing focuses on the underlying issues of crime and how to reduce it.

Captain Dean Isabella discusses how community policing has impacted his career.

Both officers that came with Ms. Shepard spoke very highly of some of the past projects they had completed that were successful in reducing crime. For example, Captain Isabella talked about a project where the Police Department workedwith community organizations, conservation groups, and community development corporationsto turn an empty, crime-ridden lot into a family park. In addition, they worked to create affordable housing in the area. Together, these projects helped to strengthen an already resilient community. Many of the residents reported feeling more positive about the police -- which was one of the goals the police had in mind.

written by: Sarah Caron

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