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Riverzedge Update!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

December 2018 marked the end of the Fall Semester’s Marketing Research

project between RWU students and the Riverzedge Arts center. The

Community Partnership Center (CPC) has been partnered with Riverzedge

Woonsocket since 2014. You can read more about Riverzedge, and the

project background, in our previous blog post. The project involved studying

the best survey methods, writing well-constructed questions, and analyzing

data in Excel tables.

Constructing the Perfect Survey

What does it take to make the perfect survey? That is the question that RWU

students set out to solve over the course of the Fall 2018 Semester. Students

met with the Riverzedge students at the beginning of the semester to learn

about the previous survey. The purpose was to learn first-hand why the

students struggled so much with the previous survey. Issues, such as its

length and convolutedly worded questions, were raised almost immediately.

Students were then put at the helm of the class to rebuild and revitalize the

student satisfaction survey.

Presentations & Professionalism

One of the best parts of a CPC class, is that students get to experience

hands-on work with real world clients. Throughout the fall semesters,

students gave three presentations to Riverzedge managers. A pilot test in

November saw RWU and Riverzedge students working together to learn how

the survey was coming along and how students responded to the various

new questions.

2019 and Onwards

The project concluded in December as RWU students presented their final

survey, along with a spreadsheet and appendix of data analysis -- which a

smaller group of Roger Williams students had been compiling in order to

present the coordinators of Riverzedge with tangible insights from the

previous survey. RWU and the CPC will continue their partnership with

Riverzedge within the upcoming year, so keep an eye on our blog for more

updates on this ever-evolving project!

To learn more about Riverzedge Arts, visit their website here

To learn more about how you can sign up for CPC classes, click here.

written by: Adam Kelly

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