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Spotlight: Ronia Clarence

Ronia Clarence is a junior architecture major from Wilton, Connecticut. She is joining the Community Engagement team for the first time this Fall in the marketing team.

Ronia first heard about Community Engagement through her friend who happened to be on the marketing team. During the team’s March Madness recruiting efforts, she visited the Farmhouse out of curiosity. Saying, “My friend told me about all the wonderful projects she got to be a part of and the communities she got to interact with. That inspired me to join and drove me here, so I can play a role in supporting other communities.” Ronia looks forward to attending table times and spreading awareness about Community Engagement to others on campus.

Outside of the farmhouse, Ronia loves to cook. She’s a big foodie, her favorite cuisine is Indian food. Fun fact - she has traveled to India over 7 times! Ronia is also a choreographer for the Dance Club, where she specializes in Bollywood dance. She loves being active, as she also plays for Intramural Soccer and Volleyball. Her favorite music to listen to is K-Pop, with her favorite bands being BTS, Seventeen, and New Jeans. She also speaks 3 other languages: Malayalam, Tamil, and Spanish!

When asked what Community Engagement means to her, she responded, “ To give back to communities using the privilege you have to support other lives and contribute a positive change.”

We welcome Ronia to our team with open arms!

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