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Spotlight: Maddie Wagner

Maddie Wagner is a senior in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology. She is from New York and joined Community Engagement as a part of the Marketing Team in the fall of 2023. Maddie hopes by being in this new position she’ll make long-lasting connections and increase

her engagement on campus for her last year here at Roger.

When Maddie was asked what community engagement means to her, Maddie responded “to feel more involved in campus events and having the opportunity to create involvement amongst other students to feel included.” Coincidentally enough, showing up to a campus event is how Maddie found out about community engagement and sparked her interest in becoming more involved.

Fun facts about Maddie:

She loves to read and hit the slopes snowboarding. She also has a dog Nyla, who is a part of guiding eyes to breed puppies for the program. Maddie has also fallen for the town of Bristol, especially the town events like porchfest but also the patriotic red, white, and blue line that marks the route of the first independence parade.

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