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Student Spotlight: Kamryn Greene

Kamryn Greene is a junior double major in Marketing and Public and Professional Writing. She is from Dorset, Vermont, and joined Community Engagement as a Marketing Team Assistant in the fall of 2022. Kamryn hopes that within her new position, she can increase her engagement on campus, make meaningful connections, and gain experience within her major.

When asked what community engagement means to her, Kamryn stated, “specifically as a student, community engagement means getting involved hands-on while helping and engaging with our community. I believe it is important for students to be involved on and off campus to create meaningful connections with our community as well as providing our own assets, all while gaining experience and education.”

Some fun facts about Kamryn- she loves music, swimming, and participating in the arts! She also has three pets, two of which being dogs, but she also has a chinchilla. Her preferred music genre is R&B, but her favorite artist is SNT JHN. She loves to scuba dive, and is actually a certified scuba diver! Her next planned trip is to the Maldives to enjoy a new underwater escapade! She has also traveled to many other places, but she marked the Cayman Islands as the most interesting.

Kamryn has been a great addition to our team so far, using her experience she already has at RWU. We can’t wait to see how much she contributes to our team in her time with us!

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