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Student Spotlight: Lyf Cassada

Lyf Cassada is a first-year Marine biology major from Nashville, Tennessee. They are a new member of the Community Engagement (CE) Marketing Team this year. Lyf was first intrigued by CE because of the comfortable and welcoming environment that there is to offer in the farmhouse, but also their love for marketing. Lyf has been involved with marketing all throughout their academic years. They were part of their school’s DECA team and helped gather 600 pounds of candy to take overseas to soldiers. Lyf has always found their way back to their community and that’s why they knew CE was for them.

If asked, Lyf will tell you that they have a wide variety of interests like painting, video games, and fishing. Their music genre of choice would be indie and 2000’s pop punk with their favorite band being Lovejoy. On a day in, Lyf enjoys watching My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Supernatural. Lyf enjoys experiencing new things so that’s why they have traveled to a Buc-ees (one of the world's largest gas stations) in Georgia. A fun fact about Lyf is that they are blue/green colorblind.

Be sure to stay tuned for all the great work Lyf will accomplish during their time with CE!

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