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Student Spotlight: Toby Pydych

“[The CPC] has provided invaluable experiences during my college years”.


Meet Toby, Co-Team Leader of the Community Partnership Center’s marketing team. Toby joined the marketing team in his freshman year at Roger Williams University (RWU) in the fall of 2019. Since joining the CPC, Toby has continuously proven his teamwork and leadership skills. It is no surprise that in his junior year, he has become one of the team leaders.

Although Toby’s major is Anthropology and Sociology, a seemingly unrelated major to marketing, Toby has been able to learn on the job and become an integral part of the marketing team. Working at the CPC, Toby has learned skills including foundational graphic design, data analysis, web development skills, and team management skills. Although working for the CPC isn’t giving Toby direct experience towards his major, he has been able to build great connections, and take advantage of important networking opportunities.

When asked about his experience working at the CPC, Toby gave us a little insight as to why he joined the CPC in the first place. He said, “I joined in order to be able to get real-world experience and hands-on work, while also helping my community. I feel as though I have been able to accomplish this in my time here.” He believes that it is very important for college students to give back to the community that is housing them for the four years they are there. He believes that every college student should get involved in the community, even if it is only in a small way. To him, community engagement is “being able to help out and be a friend to the people close to you. Community engagement is just giving what you can to assist someone who shares space with you”.

As a team leader of the marketing team, Toby coordinates meetings, manages team members, hires and recruits new team members, and communicates with local community partners and CPC partnered classes at RWU. Some of the recent projects Toby has worked on include, partnering with Mount Hope High School to supply them with marketing materials and working on website development for the new community engagement website for RWU.

Not only has Toby had experience working with local community partners to accomplish goals, he also had the opportunity to work with a semester-long project to develop a new community engagement website for community engagement at RWU. Toby worked closely with Mia Brum, CPC project coordinator, KC Ferrara, Director of the Feinstein Center, and Alan Cutting, professor of Web Development/Computer Information Systems at RWU, to directly observe and assist the process of web development between the students at RWU and the community partners. Toby was able to see the extent of the impact that these classes have on both the community and the students at RWU.

Fun Facts About Toby:

He enjoys reading, drinking coffee and cooking

Toby has an adorable pup named Brigus who is named after a street in Newfoundland Canada

He has high hopes to travel internationally to London, Copenhagen, Denmark and Greece.

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