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Student Spotlight: Adam Kelly

"I have been working at the Community Partnerships Center (CPC) for

one year now, and with graduation coming up I wanted to take some time to

reflect upon what the CPC means to me. Going into my senior year, and after

returning from London, I wanted to find a work study job that connected with

my marketing major. After applying to the CPC and receiving the position, I

began work as a marketing assistant.

Adam Kelly, RWU Class of 2019

The Community Partnerships Center at RWU is the campus’s hidden gem. Connecting students, professors, and the administration to the local community, the CPC is everything I had hoped it would be. In high school I

organized a fundraising event for Crohn’s Disease where I worked with local businesses for raffle donations. I always loved partnering with local businesses, and I was thrilled to learn that the CPC does just that.

Throughout my two semesters on the marketing team, I was able to apply my classroom skills to various branding exercises -- like mascot rebranding. I also completed several blog posts on various partnerships and student interviews. My favorite time at the CPC came during the Accepts Students Day (ASD) weekends. I enjoyed spending time at the table where I could inform

prospective students about the great work our team members have been completing.

Overall, my time at the CPC was short but sweet. I made some great new friends, had plenty of laughs with my bosses, and learned a lot about myself and marketing. The student-led teams of the CPC allowed for me to become acclimated to a new style of working. I expect to continue to use the skills I learned at the CPC in all of my future endeavors."

Author: Adam Kelly

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