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Student Spotlight: Drew Economou

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Drew Economou is a senior here at RWU with a double major in Psychology and Math and a minor in Sociology/Anthropology. He is a Hassenfeld Fellow, otherwise known as Hassenfellows, and is currently working with the Food Recovery Network (FRN) to package and deliver the university’s surplus food to local shelters. More specifically, he is working to maximize the efficiency of the recovery process and increase the visibility of the FRN on the campus and community levels.

Drew was introduced to the FRN as a freshman, and immediately after joining the club, he developed a passion for the fight against food insecurity and food waste. Drew was then encouraged to become a Hassenfellow by former FRN Hassenfellows. They described the fellowship as an invaluable opportunity to deepen his level of engagement in the community and enhance the effectiveness of the FRN. Since Drew was already a three-year member of the FRN, he was more than happy to follow in their footsteps.

One of Drew’s favorite memories as a Hassenfellow was when

he was dropping off food one night with the FRN, and an employee at one of their partner agencies thanked them and promised, “Good things will happen to you.” Drew explained that this is one of his favorite memories because it reminded him of how impactful their work really is. Since recovering food is the norm for Drew and other members of the FRN, Drew explained

it is often easy to forget how meaningful their work is to other people. He reflected on this memory and said that such a kind response to the work they were doing simply motivated them further to continue to do what they do.

With respect to the FRN, community engagement has allowed Drew to help provide meals to food-insecure individuals in the local area. Drew explains this experience as “incredibly rewarding” and believes that community engagement has given him a purpose at RWU as it has allowed him to personally address local issues and strengthen relationships within the community.

Author: Jillian Anter

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