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Student Spotlight: Joseph Rendino

Joseph Rendino is a senior architecture student from Deer Park, New York who's been working with the CPC since his first year at RWU in 2016. Being one of the organization’s most committed members, he is employed as the team leader of the Design and Research branch which specializes in outreach and engagement by working directly with community partners to collaborate on projects relevant to their causes. Gaining many skills from his work over the years in communication, organization, leadership, and teamwork, Joseph believes that community engaged work is important for students at RWU because of the real-world experience and networking opportunities that it provides. He’s currently working on the continuation of a feasibility study project from last semester for the Bristol Police Department which culminated in the idea for a new area addition to the existing facilities. Joseph explains, “After completing a detailed existing conditions assessment, spatial and needs analysis, an area adjacent to the existing police department has been selected for a proposed addition. This

The Bristol Police Department

addition will be more community oriented than the previous with a large community assembly room and will provide ample space for management ranks, improved locker rooms and a new fitness space.” Aside from his work on the Bristol Police Department feasibility study and its proposed addition, Joseph is also managing the Research and Design team which is composed of four other members. In his free time, Joseph’s hobbies include watching television, listening to music, playing video games, spending time outside and exorcising. He has been to Amsterdam in the Netherlands as well as several western European and Mediterranean countries while studying abroad and says he would be interested in traveling to eastern Europe or Asia in the future. When asked what he hopes for the future of the organization on campus, Joseph says, “I hope we can continue to expand, taking on more projects and becoming a campus wide organization that is recognizable by name.”

Written by: Benjamin Donaldson

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