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Student Spotlight: Sarah Caron

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Sarah Caron is the other Marketing Team Leader at the CPC.

Sarah Caron is the other CPC Marketing Team Leader here at the CPC. She helps manage the marketing and events team along with her partner, Kyrie McCormick. Sarah is a junior who is double majoring in Business Management and Marketing, with a core concentration in Graphic Design. She first got involved in the CPC when looking for a work-study position last year. Sarah wanted a position that would give her hands-on experience within her major, and just happened to come upon an opportunity to join the CPC marketing team. She first started working as a marketing assistant and helped manage the social media page before eventually becoming one of the Marketing Leaders.

The CPC has had a huge impact on Sarah’s college experience. Through working at the CPC, she has solidified her passion for management and marketing. Through this job, she is able to be creative and innovative, as well as, working to improve on her leadership skills by learning new things from her team members and helping them expand their knowledge for the CPC’s mission. Through being a leader and a mentor, Sarah has also become a stronger team player. She loves working with others at the CPC, as well as, being able to have the creative freedom to help the CPC grow in recognition and size over the semesters.

Sarah (left) and CPC student Alaina discuss plans for an event at RWU.

When Sarah is not working at the CPC, she continues her campus involvement in many ways. For example, she is involved in the a capella group called Drastic Measures on campus -- which she has been doing since freshman year. She also is a first year RA in Willow! Sarah has many talents including knowing how to play five instruments; guitar, flute, piano, piccolo and ukulele! Eventually, Sarah would like to be involved in the theatre program on campus.

As one of the leaders of the marketing and events team, Sarah has many goals for the team that she hopes to accomplish in the future. She would love to see all new members feel comfortable talking about the CPC and to ensure them that they belong on the team. Last semester, she and Kyrie worked hard to set rules and goals in order to make sure that everyone felt like their opinions were valid and had enough work to do. Additionally, Sarah has big plans to increase the CPC’s recognition across campus, and believes that her team is doing a great job promoting that. She also hopes that eventually the students at Roger Williams will be able to understand the great work that the CPC does and want to be a part of it.

In the future, Sarah would love to travel more, especially to both Ireland and the Bahamas. Her dream job is to one day be on the marketing team for Disney or Universal. Currently, Sarah is the Decorative Surface Designer for her family’s business called Evolution Design Studios. This year, she went to Germany for two weeks over winter break in order to learn about the business culture and attend a flooring trade show.

Images from Sarah's trip to Germany last year.

written by: Hanae Wada

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