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Student Spotlight: Sophia Studley

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Sophia on her trip to Ireland

Sophia Studley is a second year architecture student from Upton, Massachusetts. As a member of the Design and Research team, her responsibilities are to visit sites, gather information on their previous conditions, and work with community partners to help realize their ideas for a particular space. During her first semester with the CPC, she's been working on a project for the East Bay Food Pantry & Thrift Shop where she is collaborating with other members of the Design and Research Team to outline plans for a new entrance in the store in order to accommodate handicapped customers and make deliveries easier.

When asked what the CPC means to her, Sophia replies, “I am so grateful to be part of this team and getting to apply my knowledge of architecture in the real world as well as work on local projects in Bristol RI!” She believes that community engaged work is important for students at RWU because it gives them a chance to operate in their area of expertise as well as give back to their community.

Listing some of her hobbies, Sophia says she enjoys art, photography, fitness, and learning new things. She's traveled to Ireland and Spain, and she hopes to visit Greece or Italy someday. So far, Sophia has picked up valuable skills from her work with clients as a member of the Design and Research team to produce the best outcomes for the projects that she’s working on. She hopes that the CPC will continue to thrive by getting involved in more projects at RWU and around the Bristol area.

Written by: Benjamin Donaldson

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