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Team Member Spotlight: Kyrie McCormick

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

As this semester comes to a close, we wanted to highlight someone very important to our marketing team! Co-Marketing Team Leader Kyrie McCormick will be studying abroad this spring. As we say goodbye until next fall, here's a little bit about what makes her so great!

As a Public Relations major with a double minor in Political Science and Marketing, Kyrie got involved in the CPC before freshman year of college. She applied to Roger Williams and was granted a work study award. When she started searching for a work study job, she came across a job description of the CPC hiring for videographers and photographers. Throughout high school, Kyrie was involved with both photography and videography, and was always interested in that field as well as in experiential learning. She did a lot of research about the CPC and decided to apply where she was eventually hired going into her freshman year. Kyrie was hired as a general marketing team member and videographer/photographer for a year, and during her sophomore year at Roger Williams, she became the video coordinator whose job was to manage the videographers of the CPC and teach them new things. Now in her junior year, Kyrie is a team leader.

Throughout her college experience, the CPC has made a huge impact. The CPC has given her hands on experience in both the publications and marketing field, and it has helped her apply what she has learned in classes as well as guides her to what she wants to do in the future. The CPC has also helped Kyrie build amazing resume experience -- which allows for her to talk to employers about experiential learning, and how she helps the University promote that idea. The CPC has made a huge impact on Kyrie’s college experience since the CPC farmhouse is her second home and has allowed for her to make new friends as well as grow as both a student and a leader.

When she is not working at the CPC, Kyrie enjoys outside hobbies such as, being on the Rugby team at Roger Williams. In the spring semester, Kyrie will be studying abroad in London where she will be experiencing different cultures along with traveling around Europe.

Kyrie has many goals for the Marketing Team. She wants to create a more collaborative work environment, along with differentiating the CPC brand from other campus organizations. She also wants to make sure that quality work is produced and that her team is working hard and accomplishing their goals.

As her time at Roger Williams is almost up, Kyrie has a lot of goals for her future. She would like apply what she learned in college to the public relations field. She would also like to work in politics or with non-profit organizations in order to reform the current system of politics. Additionally, Kyrie would like to help improve the world by applying both what she has learned in college and at the CPC.

written by: Hanae Wada

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