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To the students of the RWU Community Partnerships Center:

Before I depart from the University at the end of this week, I want to personally thank you; the students who work so hard to make the CPC one of the best organizations on this campus. The work ethic and intellectual curiosity of so many of you has made coming in to work a joy, not just a job. Beyond our shared work in community engagement, it has been a privilege to be a part of your development as students, citizens and as you evolve into skilled professionals in the disciplines you have chosen. Thank you, too, for bringing fresh perspectives that have continued to improve not only my own professional skills, but also the way in which I look at the world.

You are an outstanding group of young people and I have high hopes for your futures; individually and collectively. Working with you has been inspirational for me and for that I sincerely thank you. The world is a small place; as you move forward with your lives, please do not hesitate to call on me if I can be of service to you in any way. We’ll see each other soon.

Very truly yours,

Arnold N. Robinson

Arnold Robinson is the Associate Dean of Community Engagement at Roger Williams University. His last day at the University will be Friday, February 8th.

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